Axe and Sledge – The Grind EAAs + Hydration


-Faster Recovery





Axe and Sledge The Grind EAAs + Hydration

Axe and Sledge The grind is our EAAs/BCAAs + hydration formula.

This EAA and BCAA matrix will help you recover and stay hydrated through those intense training days. Therefore, the grind is perfect for refuelling your body post cardio or training.

Our flavour profiles combined with the highest quality ingredients will have you recovering faster, all while enjoying the taste!

This product will leave your muscles feeling round, full and hydrated all day long.

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Weight0.480 kg

Unicorn Blood, Scorpion Venom, HWMF, ICEE Blue, ICEE Cherry, Shark Bite, Whiskey Cola, Deadlifts & Gummy Bears, Your Mom's Sweet Peach


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