Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake


  • Designed to decrease estrogen production in the body
  • Anti-aromatase ingredients: acacetin, hesperidin & brassaiopis
  • Unique ingredient profile in carefully calibrated dosages
  • 100% daily value of Vitamin D3 in each serving


Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake is a powerful anti-aromatase compound. Designed to decrease estrogen production in the body. This is done by blocking the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake not only slows estrogen production. It also, decreases the negative effects associated with DHT. Above all, it will help your natural hormonal balance quickly.

Therefore, Who Is E-Brake For?

  • Anyone looking to increase strength and reduce recovery time
  • Men and women who want to build lean muscle
  • Anyone experiencing side effects from high DHT or estrogen
  • Men and women who want to increase their libido and balance hormones
  • Anyone currently/previously using pro-hormones or anabolics in the past


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