Magnum Nutraceuticals - Hi5


A Magnum Nutraceuticals Product

Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acid Formula!
  • Derived from fermentation of beets and corn
  • Uses zero human hair or bird feather derived BCAAs
  • Contains 500mg or L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate
  • Fruit Punch Mango
  • Strawberry Black Cherry


What Is Hi5?

Magnum HI-5 is a full-dose amino acid formula that creates an anabolic environment in your body using a series of carefully sequenced essential amino acids. This is key for building muscle, but that’s not all. HI-5 also supports your immune function, helps you burn fat and speeds up post-training recovery, all while oxygenating and hydrating your cells.

What Makes Hi5 Unique?

HI-5 isn’t just a simple amino acid product. It is a true high quality muscle, strength and growth formula that provides 5 unique benefits; muscular energy and anti-fatigue, anti-catabolic properties to prevent the breakdown of muscle, maximized blood flow, improved recovery, and enhanced immune function. Beyond Hi-5’s amazing functions is its groundbreaking top of the food-chain ingredient profile, and raw material selection.

It only contains high quality, Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients. Every amino acid comes exclusively from fermentation of beets and corn. Not from human hair like many other amino acid supplements. Magnum manufactured HI-5 with 100% fermented amino acids because they care about what we put in our bodies and we know that Magnum customers care as much as we do.

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