Magnum Nutraceuticals Opus


– Explosive gains in muscle growth

– Delay muscular fatigue

– Increase strength levels

– Supercharge muscular energy


Magnum Nutraceuticals Opus was developed to activate muscle growth, delay fatigue and increase strength. While enabling you to break through barriers of muscular performance.

This is done by supercharging your bodies muscular energy while keeping you in an anabolic state.

What Makes Opus Unique?

Magnum Opus puts your body in an anabolic state ensuring that you build muscle. This applies whether you’re doing endurance activities or high intensity weight training.

This is the first intra that you can feel without any stimulants. Foremost, This product will take you to the next level.

Additional information

Weight.444 kg

Red Berry, Twister Pop, Juicy Watermelon


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