Magnum Nutraceuticals Rocket Science


Rocket Science is designed to:

  • Intensify training
  • Improve mood & memory
  • Maximize energy
  • Increase strength & stamina
  • Sharpen mental focus


What Is Rocket Science?

Rocket Science is a powerful pre-workout intensifier that has been formulated to enhance overall brain metabolism, increase ATP production, and support blood circulation which helps increase oxygen uptake and glucose metabolism in the brain. This creates an improved level of mental energy, allowing you to remain focused and alert.*

What Makes Rocket Science Unique?

Magnum Rocket Science stimulates your body to create energy quickly and continues to do so for hours. It accomplishes this with a powerful combination of two unique blends.

‘Java Shock™’ which ensures maximum caffeine absorption, allowing for a much smoother experience along with longer, more sustained energy. Secondly, ‘BrainStim Serum™’ complex that cranks happy energy levels through the roof, while enhancing your focus allowing you to block out all distractions.

Who Is Rocket Science For?


  • Men and women on a low carb or low calorie diet who still want to train with maximum energy*
  • Anyone that wants to break through strength or endurance plateaus*
  • Anyone who wants to have long-lasting energy*
  • Those who have a hard time focusing at the gym*



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