NutraBio - CaffPlus


  • Dual-sourced caffeine combination.
  • Provides fast-acting, sustained, energy.
  • Jitter and crash-free energy component.
  • Enhance cognition and mental acuity.


CaffPlus combines three clinically studied and trademarked ingredients to provide smooth energy and focus all day. The energy component of this product features 100mg of Infinergy and 79mg of PurCaf for a total of 150mg of caffeine. NutraBio has used this dual-sourced caffeine combination to provide the best of both worlds.

PurCaf Organic Caffeine gets into your system quickly providing fast-acting energy while Infinergy provides long lasting, sustained energy due to its extended release properties.

NutraBio CaffPlus is designed to be taken multiple times a day with doses ranging from 1-2 capsules per serving and can be used by itself or stacked with some of other products. If you simply want a pick me up, take 1 capsule however, for those heavy stim users really looking to take their energy and performance to the next level, take 2 capsules.

CaffPlus is a great addition to non-stimulant based products like Alpha EAA and/or Extreme Nitric Stack as it will provide a jitter and crash-free energy component to any of these products.

If you’re looking for the perfect supplement to use anytime of the day you need a boost in energy, focus and mental clarity, look no further than NutraBio CaffPlus.


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