NutraBio - Intra Blast Naturals


  • Replenish + Rehydrate
  • Boost Recovery
  • Electrolyte, BCAA + EAA
  • Full therapeutic dose
  • No artificial dyes, flavors or sweeteners


Start Recovering Before You Finish Your First Set.

Intra Blast Naturals provides critical nutrients needed to fuel performance, blunt fatigue, and accelerate recovery during your workout, all without artificial dyes, flavours or sweeteners.

Unlike other intra workouts that contain only branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), Intra Blast contains 10g of all 9 EAA, including BCAAs. Clinically dosed to work synergistically in order to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, muscle growth, enhance recovery, and decrease muscle soreness.

NutraBio have gone one step further by adding glutamine and betaine, that has been proven to accelerate recovery, replenish energy, improve strength, and keep you hydrated.Intra Blast Naturals is the most advanced intra-workout product ever created.

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