PhD Nutrition Pre Workout PUMP


  • Contains fully dosed levels of Arginine and Betaine
  • Essential for body builders seeking muscle growth activation
  • Contains Oxystorm and Norvaline
  • Suitable for vegetarians.


PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP contains the latest breakthrough ingredient technology for bodybuilders seeking serious muscle pumps leading to muscle growth activation. Containing over 2g of Arginine and Betaine per serving Pre-Wkt PUMP also contains the super-ingredient L-Norvaline. It also contains NO CAFFEINE.

PUMP also contains L-Norvaline, which is an isomer of the BCAA Valine.

Valine has been positively linked to aiding blood flow due to its potential ability to inhibit Arginase.

Arginase is an enzyme that breaks down and removes Arginine from the body, with Arginine being considered extremely important to nitric oxide production, which is vital to the muscle pump.

PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP also contains brand new Oxystorm®, considered the powerhouse of nitrate delivery.

Oxystorm® is derived from Amaranthus, considered one of the highest sources of dietary nitrates ever discovered with nitrates considered to be a vital source of nitric oxide.

It not only contains Oxystorm® to drive nitrate supply, but in addition also contains 250mg of beetroot extract per serving.

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